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The OSQA web site has a section for event archives. The event archives include information about previous events that OSQA organized. We will do our best to include as much material from these evnets as possible (e.g., the presentation slides and speaker notes). However, not all presenters are willing to make their materials publicly available. We do not make it a condition of presenting at an OSQA event that all materials are made public. It is really up to the presenter and their company. Of course, having material posted on the OSQA web site is free advertising for the presenter, so there is an incentive to share as much as possible.

For material that is posted in the archives, OSQA takes no responsibility for its accuracy, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred due to the use of the information in the archives in any way. We assume that the authors own the copyright to the posted materials or have obtained permission from the copyright owners to post the materials.

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