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The OSQA web site has a section for posting jobs openings. The job announcements are publcily available and not restricted to OSQA members. Job openings are posted for 60 days from the day they are received and then they are retired unless the company offering the position explicitly requests an extension. A position may be removed from the web site if the person who sent it informs us that the position has been taken.

There are no restrictions on the types of job openings that can be announced: they can be entry level or senior. The members of OSQA and attendees at our meetings are a varied group, and we have had good success in matching individuals with jobs in the past.

To submit a job opening announcement please send the information as a Word or text document by email to OSQA Contacts. We are usually able to put the announcement on the web site within a week of receiving it. We will only post job openings that are relevant for software quality professionals. OSQA reserves the right to refuse to post any announcement that it deems inappropriate.

The job does not have to be in Ottawa - it can be anywhere in North America or overseas. All job posting must include:

  • a title for the position
  • a description of the position
  • the location of the position (i.e., city and country)
  • a contact person

Additional information is always welcome but not necessary.

If you are interested in finding out more about a job posting or in applying, please do not send the response to OSQA. Please contact the person who posted the position directly (their contact details will be in the posting itself).

OSQA does not guarantee that a position that is posted is still available. We can only take it off-line if we are informed that the position has been already taken.

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