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Wed, June, 2010 Quick and Agile User Feedback Methods.
(Lorraine Chapman, Macadamian)
Wed, May, 2010 Security Vulnerabilities You Should be Targeting.
(George Yee, Aptus Research Solutions)
April, 2010 Test Acceleration - Part Two.
(Kevin Burr)
March, 2010 Re-engineering Test Suites.
(Yvan Labiche, Carleton University)
February, 2010 Offshore Testing Success Workshop.
(Edwin Chan, Deloitte)
January, 2010 Test Estimation: What is Your Quest for Software Measurement?.
(Steven Woodward, Woodward Systems Inc.)
November, 2009 Efficient Test Management - with HP Quality Center.
(Milan Danrel, First Contact Software Consultants)
October, 2009 Lessons Learned in Test Automation.
(Goran Pop-Jordanov)
May, 2009 Maven - How to automate java building, testing and version management with open source tools.
(Erik Putrycz)
April, 2009 Cost Based Performance Modeling.
(Eugene Margulis, Nortel)
March, 2009 Test Automation at Discount Store Prices.
(Kevin Burr)
February, 2009 QAI CSTE / CSQA Certification / Re-certification Strategy.
(Edwin Chan, Deloitte)
January, 2009 SAP Automating Testing with HP's Business Process Testing - BPT.
(Clemente Beltran, Pegasie Technologies)
November, 2008 Agile Testing: Practical Approaches to Quality that Get Results.
(Matt Brayley-Berger, Borland)
May, 2008 Can I Have My Requirements and Test Them Too?.
(Sammy Wahab, Application Lifecycle Management Consultant, MKS)
April, 2008 Software Quality & Testing within the Agile Development Process.
(Dwayne Clipperton, Project Operations Manager, Excelocity Inc.)
January 2008 Emerging Essentials of Software Development.
(Hakan Erdogmus, NRC)
December 2007 Easing your Way into Process Measurement.
(Gary P. Cort, VP Software Quality, Research in Motion Ltd.)
October 2007 Common Pitfalls of Automated Testing and How to Avoid Them Using Test Patterns and Smells.
(Gerard Meszaros, ClearStream Consulting, Calgary)
September 2007 The Babel Tower of Process Improvement Initiatives.
(François Ouellette, LogiQual Inc.)
June 2007 The Application of International Software Engineering Standards in Very Small Enterprises.
(Claude Laporte, Ecole de Technologie Superieure)
May 2007 Building the Right Thing Through Agile User-Centered Development.
(Alain Désilets, NRC)
February 2007 CMMI v1.2: What's Changed From v1.1?.
(David Constant, Process Inc.)
January 2007 ISO 101 and what is happening with ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC 15288 and other such numbers..
(Anatol W. Kark, NRC)
December 2006 Applying Computer Modelling and Simulation to Engineering - A Case Study of the Canadian Army System Employment and Planning for Afghanistan C4ISR.
(Tim Johnson, Rockwell Collins Government Systems (Canada))
November 2006 Developing and deploying high quality software that successfully addresses real-world problems.
(Richard Bornet, Editor-in-Chief Quality Software and Testing Magazine)
October 2006 Raise the Bar on your Project: Deliverable and Code Walkthroughs.
(Richard Burke, CRA)
September 2006 Building A Test Team That Can Fly Like An Eagle.
(Carol Cruise, EDS)
June 2006 Churchill's Adaptive Enterprise: Lessons for Business Today in Agile Project Management.
(Mark Kozak-Holland, Independent Consultant)
May 2006 Quality and the Cost of Ownership for Infrastructure Systems.
(Dr. Khaled El-Emam, Univ. of Ottawa and TrialStat Corp.)
March 2006 Continuous Integration.
(Olivier (Oli) Dagenais, Formark)
February 2006 The Testing Strategy: Taking the Second Step towards Efficient and Effective Testing Practices.
(Carol Cruise and Gary Johnson, EDS)
January 2006 Test Driven Development: the Agile Gem.
(Alain Desilets, NRC)
November 2005 Why Software Projects Need Heroes.
(James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.)
November 2005 How successful are Information Systems projects?.
(Dr. Khaled El-Emam, Univ. of Ottawa and TrialStat Corp.)
October 2005 (Mostly) Painless Code Review.
(Francis Beaudet, Macadamian Technologies)
September 2005 A Managers' Guide to GUI Test Automation.
(Yury Makedonov, Senior Technical Consultant, CGI, Toronto)
Summer 2005 Quality Models.
(OSQA Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 2)
June 2005 On-line, On-Time, On-Budget: IT Projects from Hell - Lessons from the Titanic.
(Mark Kozak-Holland, HP)
May 2005 The Economics of Agile Software Development.
(Hakan Erdogmus, National Research Council)
April 2005 Biometrics Today: How to achieve good security using an imperfect technology.
(Miroslav Kis, BMO Financial Group)
March 2005 Software Testing - The Anti-Quality Process.
(Tom Walton, Independent Consultant)
February 2005 Two Futures of Software Testing.
(Michael Bolton, DevelopSense)
Janaury 2005 Managing Small Projects.
(Stephane Lussier, Macadamian Technologies)
November 2004 Quality and Security.
(Jean-Francois Sauriol,Phirelight)
October 2004 Shark Alert - Radical QA (RQA) Snatches Project Success from Jaws of Discord.
(Lubomyr Chabursky, WSR Consulting Group, LLC)
Fall 2004 Perspectives on Software Quality.
(OSQA Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 1)
September 2004 The Practices of Small Software Projects.
(Khaled El Emam, TrialStat)
June 2004 Is Open Source Better than Commercial Software ?.
(Jasper Kamperman, Reasoning)
May 2004 Test Automation Preparation.
(Michael Sibthorpe, Compuware Corporation)
May 2004 The Effective Application of Six Sigma in Software Engineering.
(Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Institute / Carnegie Mellon University)
May 2004 Quality: A Key to Offshore IT Outsource Success.
(Richard Noble, PricewaterhouseCoopers)
April 2004 Defect Containment: How Much Can You Really Save ?.
(Lynn LaROuche, London Life)
March 2004 Process Modeling and Automation.
(Vivienne Suen, Osellus Inc.)
February 2004 Extreme Programming in Practice: The how and the why of it, from the front Line.
(Dana Smith, Corel Corporation)
January 2004 Process Improvement @ TCS.
(Pragnya Misra, Tata Consultancy Services)
November 2003 Process Improvement Experiences: CMM Level 3 Best Practices.
(Gordana Kis, BMO Financial Group)
October 2003 How to Cheat Time: Better Quality with More Control.
(Neil Cachero, Borland Canada)
September 2003 An Automated Test Generation Technique and System Testing Strategy.
(Alok Saxena, Cistel Technologies)
August 2003 Roundtable Discussions on QA.
(All Attendees)
June 2003 Getting value from ISO 9001:2000: Lessons Learned for Software Organizations.
(Chris Fitzgibbon, Orion Canada)
May 2003 How Success Kills Software Architecture - And How to Prevent it!.
(Don Parker, Klocwork)
April 2003 Metrics-based Verification Planning.
(Tom Walton)
March 2003 Highlights of the 12th International Conference on Software Quality (12ICSQ).
(Brian Baskerville, Nortel Networks)
February 2003 Planning, Predicting and Demonstrating Software Quality and Reliability.
(Vern French, XWave)
January 2003 Leveraging ISO/IEC 12207 - Information Technology, Software Life Cycles Standard.
(Rufus Turpin, Carm Diem Informatics Inc., and Larry Jones, LFG Group Inc.)
November 2002 UAT for Web-Based Systems: Talking to the (fire)Wall.
(Steven Barry, Data Kinetics Ltd)
October 2002 Creating Teams That Work - Competent SQA in Your Organization.
(Lise Toner, Clarica)
September 2002 Software Development Life Cycle Testing (SDLCT): Part 2:DESIGN PHASE TESTING.
(Bestway Zottor, Nubex Technologies)
August 2002 Assuring a Quality User Experience.
(Mike Atyeo, Neoinsight )
August 2002 Software Development Life Cycle Testing (SDLCT): Part 1: Requirements Phase Testing.
(Bestway Zottor, Nubex Technologies)
June 2002 Writing Testable Requirements.
(Joe Shultz, Starbase Corporation)
April 2002 Improving Software Economics.
(Paul Murray, Rational)
April 2002 Best Practices of Software Engineering.
(Paul Murray, Rational)
March 2002 Leveraging Function Point Analysis to Reduce Project Risk.
(Steven Woodward, Q/P Management Group Inc.)
February 2002 Web Metrics: Measuring the Mountain with a Yardstick.
(Steven Barry, Data Kinetics Ltd.)
February 2002 Application RIsk Management Model.
(Satish Atluri, Mercury Interactive)
January 2002 The High Stakes of Web Quality: Testing Tips for a Successful e-Business.
(Al Caughey, COAST Software Inc.)
January 2002 Testing Architectures: A Framework for Test Artifacts.
(Scott Gardiner, Information Balance)
November 2001 Managing Mutiple Projects: Challenges and Responses.
(Eduardo Miranda, Ericsson)
October 2001 Learning From Our Mistakes with Defect Causal Analysis.
(Dave Card, Software Productivity Consortium)
September 2001 People in Career Transition - Suggestions on How to Adapt and Succeed.
(Jane McElligott, Cistel Technologies)
September 2001 Techniques for COTS Software Evaluation.
(John Dean, National Research Council of Canada)
August 2001 Searching for a Job Within the New Landscape.
(Sue Kavanagh)
August 2001 Automated Testing Tools.
(David Higginbottom, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)
June 2001 CSTE Certification: A Case Study.
(John Dean, National Research Council of Canada)
June 2001 Practical Object-Oriented Measurement.
(Khaled El Emam)
May 2001 Eftia OSS Solutions Inc.: Product Verification Best Practices.
(Bestway Zottor, Eftia OSS Solutions)
May 2001 Standards Overview, Benefits of Rigorous Adoption and their Practical Usage: A Personal View.
(Larry Jones, LFG Group Inc.)
April 2001 Quality Management.
(Lovina Srivastava, Eftia OSS Solutions)
March 2001 The Value of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
(Jackie Burrus, QAI Canada)
February 2001 A Primer on Software Inspections.
(Khaled El Emam, National Research Council of Canada)
January 2001 Regression Testing.
(Michelle Atkinson, DMR)
December 2000 Your E-Commerce Business Applications: Can They Handle the Load ? .
(David Higginbottom, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)

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