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The Ottawa Software Quality Association (OSQA) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the promotion of software quality and quality practices within the Ottawa software industry. It was set up in 2001. OSQA is a federated chapter of the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). This means that we administer QAI's exams and deliver QAI courses in Ottawa.

The association works closely with other government, educational, and commercial organizations in the Ottawa region to achieve its mandate. We are, however, independent from any vendor and do not endorse specific products or consulting services. But, we will actively promote practices, even if they are commercial, if there is evidence that they are good practices that will result in quality improvements.

OSQA is a membership organization. Membership is open to the public.

OSQA has industrial partners who provide services and products at discounted prices to OSQA members. We will verify the quality and utility of these products and services before incorporating them as part of our membership benefits package.

This section of the web site provides detailed information on the association, its rules, and policies. This information has been last updated in February 2004 and apply from that date onwards.

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